The Big Bang Theory Quotes - Evidence Of The Start Of Cosmos And Human Evolution


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Searching the Big Bang Theory Quotes

The story of the famous sitcom TV series, the big bang theory is quite intriguing. It tends to revolve around a number of characters which include Sheldon Cooper, Leonard, Raj and Howard, the main one being Sheldon which has captured the hearts of millions of comedy fans in all the parts of the world. There are many quotes which can be found easily over the vast medium of internet. All that is required of people is to spend some time in order to find them on a large scale. The fans of Sheldon cooper are recommended to go for the funny sheldon quotes since they tend to reveal more of his personality and remarks. The witty comments can be witnessed throughout the entire series which tends to enable people to have a great time with pure unaltered comedy.

The show has been airing on CBS since 2007 and has six seasons in total which is quite a lot for any sitcom series but because of the tremendous popularity of the show and its characters, the production crew has decided to extend the show further to 2014. the big bang theory quotes are for all the diehard fans of the TV series who want to inquire more about their favorite characters and their roles throughout the entire TV series. The main quotes are mostly of Sheldon from his conversations with Howard, Leonard, Raj and Penny. Individuals are suggested to get to read all the quotes in great detail in order to find out all there is about the show.

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